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The Cost of Dental Fillings

The cost of dental fillings can vary depending on individual circumstances. Patients can contact our clinic to schedule a dental examination, and the dentist will determine the cost of the filling based on the patient's specific tooth decay condition.

Our clinic provides dental filling services to repair decayed and broken teeth. Tooth decay is a common dental issue, and if left untreated, it can progress deeper into the tooth, potentially affecting the tooth root. Dental fillings not only restore the appearance and functionality of the tooth but also help to prevent further damage to the tooth structure.

Dental fillings can be primarily made of silver amalgam or composite resin. Silver amalgam is known for its durability, resistance to wear, and ease of use. However, it does have a silver-black color appearance. On the other hand, composite resin fillings can closely match the natural color of the teeth, providing a more aesthetically pleasing result. Each option has its advantages, and the choice of material may depend on factors such as the location of the tooth, personal preference, and the dentist's recommendation.

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If you experience tooth pain or have tooth decay, it is advisable to get your teeth checked as soon as possible. You can also contact our clinic to inquire about dental filling costs* and make an appointment for dental filling.
*The cost of dental fillings will vary depending on the condition of the tooth decay.

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To address tooth decay issues, it is important to take them seriously and seek prompt attention. The cost of dental fillings will vary depending on the condition of the tooth decay. I encourage you to schedule an appointment with our clinic in Macau to inquire about our dental filling services and discuss your specific dental needs.