Orthodontist Consultation

Orthodontic Treatment in Macau

Orthodontic treatment, also known as braces, is a specialized field within dentistry. Orthodontists undergo professional training to provide orthodontic care to patients. The orthodontic treatment process involves the use of appropriate orthodontic appliances to move teeth to their desired positions, aiming to achieve four major improvements:

Facial aesthetics

improve Bite function

improve teeth alignment

Speech improvement

Orthodontic Treatment

The duration of orthodontic treatment varies from person to person, typically ranging from one year to one and a half years. In more severe cases, it may take up to two years. Here are some examples of orthodontic treatment methods:

Fixed Braces

  • Using brackets and wires to gradually move teeth to their desired positions.
  • Fixed onto the teeth and cannot be removed


Removable Clear Aligners

  • Using custom-made clear aligners that are replaced periodically as the teeth move, gradually shifting them to their desired positions
  • During the treatment, the aligners can be worn or removed as needed

Recommended Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment in Macau

Our clinic offers Invisalign orthodontic treatment, and the treatment process is as follows:

  1. Advanced Tero Element® intraoral scanner to capture 3D images of the teeth, and the data is then sent to Invisalign in the United States to create precise computer-generated treatment plans (Clincheck).
  2. Afterward, you will review the tooth movement plan animation prepared by the Clincheck software with our professional orthodontist and develop a customized treatment plan specifically for you. Once the patient approves the computer-generated plan, the American company will promptly create a series of custom-made invisible aligners.
  3. After receiving the invisible aligners at our clinic, we will promptly contact the patient. Our orthodontist will provide instructions on how to wear the aligners and discuss any necessary precautions or care instructions
The cost of invisible aligners in Macau

Many people are concerned about the cost of orthodontic treatment, but the price of braces varies depending on the individual's dental condition.

We welcome you to schedule an appointment for a consultation to get a personalized assessment and discuss the treatment options available to you.