Pediatric Orthodontics

Pediatric Dentistry

It is important to start caring for children's teeth from an early age as the growth of their primary teeth can impact the development of permanent teeth. Taking children to a pediatric dentist in Macau allows for the early detection of potential dental issues and facilitates preventive measures. At WE CARE DENTAL CENTER, we prioritize the experience of children when selecting a pediatric dentist in Macau. Our dental team not only provides comfortable and safe dental care services but also ensures that children feel at ease, offering them the most relaxed and enjoyable dental experience.

Pediatric Dental Services


Deep grooves in teeth can make it difficult to remove dental plaque while brushing, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Therefore, pediatric dentists often apply dental sealants to the grooves of children's teeth. These sealants help fill in the deep grooves, preventing the accumulation of dental plaque.

Fluoride Cavity Prevention

Fluoride is a mineral that, when applied to teeth, helps strengthen them and prevents tooth decay. It also protects the surface of tooth roots and reduces the chances of sensitivity.

Treating Tooth Decay

In the early stages of tooth decay, the damage typically occurs on the surface of the tooth enamel without any noticeable discomfort or visible signs. During this time, a pediatric dentist may apply high-concentration fluoride to the affected area to help repair the damaged enamel. If the decay progresses into the dentin layer, a pediatric dentist may treat the decayed tooth through methods such as dental fillings, root canal treatment, or the placement of dental crowns/bridges .

Early Prevention of Dental Malocclusion

There are various types of dental irregularities, including small tooth crowns, spaced teeth, canine teeth misalignment, protruding teeth, damaged tooth crowns, fractured teeth, and more. These conditions not only affect the appearance of the teeth but can also impact chewing ability. If you would like to learn more about treatment options, you can visit our clinic's services for Pediatric Orthodontics and Invisible Aligners.